slow cooked prime rib served Friday and Saturday


It all started when...

Oceans away and hundreds of years ago, the "Galloway" surname was associated with a region the Southern area of Scotland along the coast of the vast Atlantic. Later, moving to Ireland and eventually to the America's, after generations the heritage it seemed was almost forgotten. After all, Christopher Galloway thought of himself more "Italian" from his mother's heritage. From an dining experience at an Irish Pub, and a new discovery and appreciation for Scot-Irish food, a spark of curiosity and an idea formed which grew into what is ultimately now become the "Kilt and Clover" Restaurant and pub. Chris' Scot-Irish heritage is celebrated in the way he knows sharing with folks who frequent his his commitment to making and serving amazing food and drink by providing the utmost in atmosphere and service. Thus the name...the "Kilt" signifies the Scottish and "Clover" the Irish. Original in all aspects. 


A collaboration featuring amazing food with old world Decor, "Kilt and Clover" is where Osage Beach building is transformed into a Celtic pub in old Ireland or the Scotland. However, Kilt and Clover could be classified as an American Grill and Irish Pub. Styled like the Pubs of The Emerald Isles, At kilt and clover you can Order an imported Scotch or Irish Whiskey, Talk, watch an expert GUINNESS Pour, sip a Guinness,  be waited on by the friendly and knowledgeable staff in "Kilts," talk a little more and enjoy the robust taste of Fresh Scot-Irish and American fare in an atmosphere that is not stuffy. Enjoy fresh baked pie. Stay a little longer...and finally return to the world as you know it...with a full belly and a wee smile and the desire to return soon.


Some of Our Favorites —


Brown Ale battered fish & Chips

Flaky Hand Battered haddock with our homemade Brown ale Batter.


Corned beef & cabbage with new potatoes

We are of the opinion that this mainstay is not just for enjoying on St Pat's.


Shepherd's Pie

Our version of the classic....assuming Shepherd wrangle Cattle.


Chicken Pot Pie

Flaky, golden pie crust caps this rich chicken stew with potatoes and fresh cut veggies. 



Fresh sliced Savory corned beef and Kraut on Grilled Marble Rye with Swiss Cheese slathered with homemade Thousand Island.


The "Irish Cowboy" Burger or Grilled Chicken Sand

Topped Irish Bacon, Irish Cheddar, BBQ Sauce and an fresh Ale Battered Onion Ring. Our top seller.



Banger's and Mash


Irish Sausages sauteed with Whiskey Caramelized Onions and Horseradish Cream .


Scotch Eggs

Our version of the Classic, Served with Spicy Whiskey Dijon. 


whiskey Brown Sugar & Mustard Glazed Salmon

Cold Water Salmon, Pan-Seared and finished with a robust Brown Sugar Dijon glaze sauce.


Reuben Egg Rolls

A classic combination in a package you wouldn't expect.   the PERFECT FINGER FOOD.


Beer Battered Onion Rings

Hand-Battered and Fried Up Golden, Served with our Six-Pepper Ketchup. 


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Our Famous Fish and Chips
Slow Cooked Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding
The perfec Guiness pour!

The Perfect Guinness Pour at The Kilt & Clover

Terrific Experience! Just recently opened, the Kilt & Clover in Osage Beach, MO is a welcome addition the many fine establishments in this tourist region. Four of us wen there tonight and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
— Paul M
A. Maz ing! Pub food on steroids...these folks know how to create great food..from scratch. Not to mention a deep whiskey menu...DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
Best Irish Pub in the Ozarks! Absolutely outstanding! We have been to many Irish Pubs world-wide and this one makes our list of great ones! First, it looks like and Irish Pub and plays Irish music in the back-round. The food is excellent and there is and excellent selection of Irish beers and ales. If you are visiting the Lake of the Ozarks area, this is a must do!!! Absolutely outstanding!!
— John-Lisa S
Great food, atmosphere and services. Finally something different in the Lake area. There are lots of great restaurants around the Lake, but this one stands out. The menu is unlike any other. The Irish flair is outstanding. One of our party is from England and he said it was the closest thing to home cooking he has had in the states. Shout out to Whiskey Dave who had some great recommendations on some of their craft beers.
— Ed D