Irish "Sayings"

  1. "Sláinte"... is cheers.  Use it in the pub to clink glasses.
  2. "What’s on?"... means the same as what’s going on, or what’s up, when you use it as an Irish phrase.
  3. "Craic"... may confuse you.  It’s pronounced ‘crack’ like the illegal U.S. narcotic.   The Irish phrase craic means where’s the fun, music and good times … if it’s definable at all you’ll find it in the pub. (We share some craic weekly here )
  4. "Tóg go bog é"... a Tenon Tours’ favorite Irish phrase (we even named our Tenon Tours pub Tóg go bog é) meaning take it easy.  On a road sign it means just as such, but also think of it as a reminder to “chill out”, enjoy the sites and experience that is exploring and driving in Ireland .
  5. "Taking the piss"... at you implies you’re being made fun of … not something else.
  6. "Happy days"... can be awesome or great.  It’s a frequently used Irish phrase.  Go ahead and try it out.
  7. "Holiday" synonymous with vacation overseas.  You’ll be asked if you’re on ‘Holiday’ as a common Irish phrase.
  8. "Petrol"... means gas, as in petrol station.
  9. "Erin go bragh"... Erin go braugh or Erinn go brach is an Irish blessing used to show allegiance to Ireland and translates to Ireland forever.
  10. "Away with the fairies"... is just fun.  It means crazy.   Try it on your mom.  She’ll like it.